top rated best xfinity compatible thermostat reviews 2023

Best xfinity compatible thermostat Reviews 2023 [Top Rated in USA]

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We all strive for the best, right? But, with a multitude of brands constantly launching latest xfinity compatible thermostat, it can be rather difficult to keep up with the most recent offerings. Luckily, there are plenty of outstanding options on the market at an inexpensive cost. We can assist you in selecting a premium xfinity compatible thermostat that meets both your criteria and budget.

When it comes to picking the perfect xfinity compatible thermostat, our team has spent several hours analyzing numerous options available in the USA market. Our top pick, , is the best solution out there, with its exceptional performance and unique features. Although it may not be the most budget-friendly option, it’s reliability and resilience make it a great value for the money. For those looking for a budget-friendly option, we suggest , which nevertheless provides the necessary functions you require.

If you’re having a hard time deciding which xfinity compatible thermostat to purchase in [CY], don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have prepared a comprehensive comparison table of the top 10 products with all their features and prices. You can easily view and compare them to make an informed decision. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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Honeywell Home Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat (RTH6580WF), Requires C-Wire, Works with Alexa – Best xfinity compatible thermostat 2023

what is the best xfinity compatible thermostat 2023
/10Our Score
Key Features
  • Energy Star certified. Save energy, track your heating and cooling with monthly energy reports, and get personalized tips to reduce your energy consumption.
  • You can save energy and earn rewards by contacting your energy provider for energy saving discounts that can save your purchase (link to Find Discounts above). In addition, eligible customers can enroll in their local utility’s demand response program. This can be a perk by allowing power companies to fine-tune temperature settings for air conditioners and furnaces when power demand is high.
  • Requires C-Wire power adapter. Before purchasing, please check if this thermostat is compatible with your home and determine if your home needs a C-wire power adapter.
  • Smart home integration. Wi-Fi 7-Day is compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana.
  • A thermostat that fits your life. Flexible programming of 4 hours per day for 7 days allows you to sync your schedule comfortably.

Smart thermostat Ecobee3 Lite, black – Inexpensive Budget Pick in USA

inexpensive xfinity compatible thermostat in budget
/10Our Score
Key Features
  • Save up to 23% on heating and cooling costs per year (compared to keeping heat at 22°C).
  • Control from anywhere using your Android or iOS device
  • Add a SmartSensor to manage hot or cold spots and bring more comfort to the areas that matter most.
  • Automatically pauses heating or cooling if a door or window is left open (requires ecobee SmartSensor for Doors and Windows and Smart Security subscription).
  • ecobee named ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

Google Nest Learning Thermostat – Programmable Smart Home Thermostat – Generation Nest Thermostat – Works with Alexa – Stainless Steel – Also Great!

commercial xfinity compatible thermostat Motorola MG7700 WiFi Modem Power Boost Combo Router Comcast Xfinity, Cox and…
/10Our Score
Key Features
  • No more programming required. With auto-scheduling, the Google Nest Learning Thermostat learns from you and programs itself. Before purchasing a Nest thermostat, you can also check your system’s compatibility using the online Nest compatibility checker found on the Google Nest support page.
  • Home/Away Assistant – Don’t heat or cool an empty house. Home/Away Assist adjusts the temperature after you leave home.
  • Remote controller. Control your thermostat from anywhere with the Nest app.
  • LEARN MORE, SAVE MORE Check your energy consumption history to see how much energy you’re using and why.
  • Look for the list. A nest of leaves appears when you select an energy-saving temperature.

Google Nest Thermostat – Smart Home Thermostat – Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat – Snow

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/10Our Score
Key Features
  • An ENERGY STAR certified smart home thermostat can help you save energy and stay comfortable. Product announcement. You can also check your system’s compatibility before purchasing a Nest thermostat using the online Nest compatibility checker on the Google Nest support page.
  • Nest thermostats are designed to work without C-wires in most homes. However, some systems, such as heat only, cool only, zone control, and heat pump systems, require C-cables or other compatible power accessories.Blocking capability – no
  • Your Nest thermostat turns off when you leave your home, so you don’t waste energy heating and cooling your vacant home. Easily program power plans with the Google Home app on Android or iPhone
  • With the remote control, family members can change the thermostat temperature from anywhere on their phone, laptop or tablet1-
  • Savings Finder explores other ways your thermostat can help you save money and offers in-app scheduling. Contact your energy provider for rebates and other ways to save on your Nest thermostat.

Honeywell Home RTH9585WF WiFi Smart Color Thermostat, 7 Days Programmable, Touch Screen, Energy Star, Alexa Enabled, Requires C-Wire Cable, Not Compatible with Mains Heaters – Affordable

affodable B09TBGLQB
/10Our Score
Key Features
  • Be comfortable in your own color. Customize the programmable WiFi smart color thermostat to match your interior design. The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat has an auto-switch feature that allows the thermostat to automatically select between heating and cooling based on room temperature. There must be at least a 3 degree difference between the heating and cooling settings. The thermostat automatically adjusts the setting to maintain this 3 degree gap.
  • Check with your energy provider for available discounts to save energy and earn rewards. In addition, eligible customers can enroll in their local utility’s demand response program. This can be a perk by allowing power companies to fine-tune temperature settings for air conditioners and furnaces when power demand is high.
  • your schedule. your way. Flexible programming options to suit schedules and utility peak rates.
  • Simple and intuitive controls. A bright and easy-to-read touchscreen makes it easy to operate.
  • Compatibility – Compressed air (gas, oil or electric), hot water and steam, electrically assisted heat pumps. Will not work with electric baseboard heaters (120-240V). Requires a C cable.

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Home DIY Smart Thermostat Works with Alexa, Energy Star Certified, ST55

powerful Amazon Smart Thermostat – ENERGY STAR Certified, DIY Installation, Works with Alexa – Requires C Wire
/10Our Score
Key Features
  • Privacy* – Sensi does not sell your personal information to third parties.
  • Save $3 23% HVAC energy*. ENERGY STAR certified Sensi smart thermostats help you save energy with features like flexible scheduling, remote access and usage reporting.
  • Installation itself is easy. Use the app’s built-in levels and step-by-step guides for quick installation. Works with her HVAC units found in most homes.Common wire (C-wire) is not required for most applications
  • Intelligent Maintenance – Sensi helps you monitor the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system by providing valuable usage reports, equipment alerts, and maintenance reminders such as filter changes.
  • Easy setup – looks and feels like a thermostat. It has a knob and takes up the same space as a traditional thermostat, so you don’t have to refinish or paint your walls.

LEVOIT Smart Home Thermostat WiFi Programmable Digital Thermostat Works with Alexa and Smart Sensors Energy Saving Large Touch Screen C-Wire Adapter Included DIY Installation Aura 400S White

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/10Our Score
Key Features
  • save energy. Energy-saving customizable routines and daily energy reports when you’re on the go can help you create a greener home and reduce your utility bills.
  • Comfort between rooms. Connect up to 16 Levoit sensors (sold separately) to Smart He’s thermostat and you can control each room and choose the most comfortable temperature.
  • 24 schedule/setup routines that automatically adjust temperatures without the need for manual changes.
  • Manage from anywhere. Connect the thermostat to his free VeSync app and Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant will control the temperature on command.
  • Economy level settings – Select economy level to adjust power consumption and thermostat temperature accuracy. Higher eco levels focus on energy efficiency but lack precise temperature control.

EMERSON Sensi Touch Color Touchscreen WiFi Smart Thermostat Works with Alexa Energy Star Certified Requires C Cable ST75W White

professional B015TJA0GA
/10Our Score
Key Features
  • Best general purpose smart thermostat as voted by the editors of USA Today’s Intelligent Maintenance – Sensi helps you monitor the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system by providing critical usage notifications, equipment alerts, and maintenance reminders such as filter changes. His 100+ years of experience with HVAC systems have been leveraged in the development of Sensi. Smart Home Compatible – Sensi seamlessly integrates with popular smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings.
  • Save $3 23% HVAC energy*. By using flexible schedules, remote access, and geofencing to regulate temperatures, Sensi’s customer has saved her HVAC energy consumption by approximately 23%.
  • Most installations are completed in less than 30 minutes** – Install quickly using the built-in bubble level, illuminated EasyClick terminals, and step-by-step instructions in the app. With a full-size thermostat, no extra painting or wall repairs are required.
  • Compatible with smart home. Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings smart home platforms.
  • Use reports. Track current day and historical heating, cooling and fan data directly in the app.

New for 2022! ecobee smart thermostat enhanced works with Alexa

multi purpose xfinity compatible thermostat
/10Our Score
Key Features
  • Save up to 26% on heating and cooling costs annually. Energy Star certified. It automatically adjusts the temperature when you’re away, so you don’t have to heat or cool an empty house. Comparison with holding at 22°C. Compatibility – Works with most 24VAC HVAC equipment such as conventional furnaces and air conditioners (2H/2C), heat pumps (2H/2C + 1 additional heat stage), boilers, PTAC or fan coil units. Devices with 3 fan speeds. 1 cord holder for humidifier, dehumidifier and fan (HRV/ERV).
  • Enjoy comfort without compromise. Smart thermostat enhancements pre-heat or pre-cool your home before you arrive, so it’s the perfect temperature from the moment you walk in. It automatically adjusts to your preferred temperature when you are at home or when you go to bed, keeping you comfortable day and night.
  • The Ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced is easy to install and use every day and comes with everything you need for installation. Most people install it themselves within about 45 minutes. Control your thermostat from anywhere with your smart home platform and Ecobee app with your smartphone, tablet, or Apple Watch.
  • The Ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced is made from high quality materials and designed to last 10+ years on your wall. It’s wired, so you don’t have to worry about losing control or changing batteries. If you run into any issues, our dedicated support team is available 24/7.
  • Add a SmartSensor to measure the temperature in the areas that matter most, such as your child’s room or bedroom. Monitor your entire home and save energy by measuring temperature and movement in every room (SmartSensor sold separately).

ecobee EB-STATe3L-01 3 Lite Thermostat WiFi Works with Amazon Alexa

heavy duty
/10Our Score
Key Features
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately).
  • The ecobee3 lite is powered via ports C and Rc. Make sure the R/Rc/Rh cable is connected to his Rc port of the ecobee3 lite thermostat.
  • Quick and easy installation – Ecobee can be installed in less than 30 minutes. Our mobile app makes your life easier with step-by-step instructions and free expert support. Intelligent comfort – ecobee understands local weather, schedules and desired comfort settings to keep your home at the right temperature at the right time.
  • Personal Energy Report – Get a free monthly report on how much energy you’ve saved and tips on how to save more.
  • Peace of mind – Ecobee monitors your heating and cooling system and alerts you if it detects that something is not working properly.Please read the user manual before use

ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control, black

good comparison advice xfinity compatible thermostat 2023
7.4/10Our Score
Key Features
  • Save up to 26%* on heating and cooling costs annually. Energy Star certified. The included SmartSensor ($50 value) regulates critical room temperatures to reduce hot or cold spots and keep you comfortable. *Comparison with storage at 22°C.
  • Built-in Siri and Alexa for calls, music and other controls (requires Apple HomePod mini to enable Siri)
  • With the included SmartSensor, you’ll be comfortable wherever you are, not just where your thermostat is. Simply place the SmartSensor in your bedroom, office or nursery for complete convenience and control.
  • Manage from anywhere using your iOS or Android device
  • Easily integrate with your favorite smart home system. Compatibility – Gas, Oil, Electric, Dual Fuel, Conventional (2H/2C), Heat Pump (4H/2C), Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Fan, HRV or ER

Motorola MG7700 Modem WiFi Router Combo, Power Boost Comcast Xfinity, Cox, and Spectrum approved for cable plans. DOCSIS 3.0 + Gigabit router up to 800 Mbit/s

the best Motorola MG7700 WiFi Modem Power Boost Combo Router Comcast Xfinity, Cox and… quality price 2023 in usa
7.4/10Our Score
Key Features
  • High-speed 24×8 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem and integrated dual-band AC1900 Gigabit WiFi router (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports (GigE), WiFi booster, security firewall and more. The modem has a maximum speed of 1000 Mbit/s and supports service speeds up to 650.
  • Save up to $156 a year on cable modem rentals. (Savings shown are for Comcast Xfinity and vary by cable provider. Certified by all major cable providers including Comcast Frontier and others)
  • Integrated High Speed ​​AC1900 WiFi Router with Power Boost – Provides internet access for WiFi devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices. Four LAN 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet ports provide wired connectivity to Windows and Mac computers and other Ethernet-enabled devices. Broadcom cable modem chipsets provide protection against denial of service attacks.
  • Improved wireless performance for increased speed and range – Add a high-performance Wi-Fi power booster to boost your wireless signal to the limit and significantly improve speed and range. Additionally, Anybeam technology, which operates at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, focuses the signal to the wireless client for even better performance and range.

Honeywell Home RTH9600WF Smart Color Thermostat ENERGY STAR WiFi Programmable Touch Screen Alexa Enabled – Requires C Cable

good comparison Honeywell Home RTH9600WF Smart Color Thermostat ENERGY STAR, Programmable WiFi Touchscreen, Alexa… and 2023 reviews
7.3/10Our Score
Key Features
  • ENERGY STAR certification helps save energy, track heating and cooling processes, and send personalized tips to reduce energy consumption.
  • You can save energy and earn rewards by contacting your energy provider for energy saving discounts that can save your purchase (link to Find Discounts above). In addition, eligible customers can continue to save year-round by participating in the energy supplier’s ongoing energy saving incentive program.
  • Control from anywhere using the app or compatible smart home partners like AMAZON ALEXA, GOOGLE ASSISTANT, MICROSOFT CORTANA. Flexible programming options are also available if you want to forget the setup and save power.
  • Customizable color screen. Easily change the color of your high resolution WiFi thermostat display to your preferred color.
  • Useful information on screen. View indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity information and daily weather forecast available for your smart thermostat from your home screen.

Amazon Smart Thermostat – ENERGY STAR Certified, DIY Installation, Works with Alexa – Requires C Wire

opinion Amazon Smart Thermostat – ENERGY STAR Certified, DIY Installation, Works with Alexa – Requires C Wire professional for the home
7.1/10Our Score
Key Features
  • Smart Upgrade – Amazon Smart Thermostat can easily upgrade your traditional thermostat and help reduce energy consumption.
  • Save money! After purchase, Amazon will email you details of discounts available from your local energy supplier. Check the discounts above.
  • save energy. The EPA estimates that an ENERGY STAR certified thermostat saves an average of $50 in annual energy costs.
  • Auto Comfort – Alexa will program it for you and update the temperature to keep you comfortable.
  • Control on the go – Ask Alexa to set the temperature or set it yourself from anywhere using the Alexa app.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat – Generation – Smart Thermostat – Pro Version – Works with Alexa

buy Google Nest Learning Thermostat – Generation – Smart Thermostat – Pro Version – Works with Alexa good and cheap
7.1/10Our Score
Key Features
  • This particular product is intended for professional installers only and is not intended for direct consumer sale. See other consumer product listings for other color options.

Top Must Things to Look for in Your xfinity compatible thermostat: A Buying Guide

Save Time and Money with Our xfinity compatible thermostat Buying Guide: Expert Tips and Recommendations

If you’re looking to buy a xfinity compatible thermostat, many people find themselves struggling with various issues when shopping for a xfinity compatible thermostat. With so many choices to choose from, it can be difficult to select the best one that meets your specific requirements and matches your budget. Moreover, understanding the various specifications and technical details can add to the complexity and raise the risk of making the wrong uninformed buy. But fortunately, there’s an answer. A purchasing guide can supply you with helpful advice and recommendations, making the process of buying a xfinity compatible thermostat less stressful and much informed.

  • Identifying Your Needs

    Assessing your particular needs before making an investment is a smart move that can ensure that the product you select brings value to your life. By adopting this considerate approach, you can prevent superfluous spending and chaos, while also ensuring that the xfinity compatible thermostat you select actually enhances your everyday experiences.

  • Researching Products

    Doing homework before buying can assist you choose wisely. It allows you to gather information about the features, benefits, and drawbacks, compare prices, and check feedback from other buyers. This can avoid potential issues or disappointments with your purchase and improve the chance of being satisfied with your selected xfinity compatible thermostat.

  • Choose Brands You Can Trust for Quality Products

    Brand reputation is a key indicator of a brand’s dedication to its customers and the quality of its products. By prioritizing this factor before committing, you can be certain that you’re opting for a xfinity compatible thermostat that has been designed with attention and attention to detail, resulting in a higher user experience.

  • Get the Best Value for Your Money

    Seeking out a budget-friendly deal when making a purchase guarantees that you’re receiving the best value from your money. By prioritizing the balance between cost and features, you can make more informed buying choices that lead to sustainable satisfaction and financial savings.

  • Setting a Budget for Your Purchase

    When you establish a budget before buying xfinity compatible thermostat, you’re more apt to make a purchase that truly enhances your life. By being aware of your financial constraints, you can avoid impulse purchases and rather spend in items that will deliver you sustained reward and satisfaction.

  • Reputable Sellers

    Buying from a dependable and reliable seller is important because it can help ensure that you are getting a premium xfinity compatible thermostat that meets your needs and expectations. Well-established sellers often have a history of providing good customer service, honoring warranties, and resolving any issues or queries that may arise with time. Additionally, buying from a trusted seller can help you avoid potential scams or frauds, which can be common in the online marketplace.

  • Look for a warranty

    Taking into consideration a refund and return policy when making a purchase is a wise precaution that can save you valuable time and money in the long run. A equitable and simple policy will make it simple for you to address any concerns that may arise, making sure that you can fully enjoy your new purchase without any lingering concerns.

  • Learn from existing customers

    Reviewing customer reviews is important because it can offer you with valuable insights such as functionality, quality, and potential issues. By perusing reviews from other customers who have acquired and used the xfinity compatible thermostat over a prolonged time, you can acquire a improved understanding of its features, benefits, and drawbacks. Additionally, reading reviews can also help you identify any recurring themes or patterns, such as issues with durability or customer service, which can help you make an educated judgment.

  • Don’t Miss Out on Discounts and Deals

    It’s important to look for promotional discounts and deals before purchasing to obtain the most value for your money. By discovering a special offer or discount, you can lower the price of the xfinity compatible thermostat and potentially get more value for your money. Furthermore, discount offers and deals can also help you obtain higher-end products that may have been outside of your budget without the discount.

  • Support Beyond Purchase

    Ensuring a product has reliable post-purchase service and customer support is crucial for your peace of mind. In the event of problems or sudden glitches, a prompt support team can swiftly address your worries, minimizing downtime and making sure a seamless user experience.

  • Protect Your Purchase

    It’s essential to check the warranty policy before completing your order to guarantee you have protection in case anything goes wrong. By being aware of the guarantee policy, you can ensure that the product is backed by the seller or manufacturer, and you have alternatives available in case of any issues. Additionally, a fair and clear warranty policy can also give you peace of mind while buying, knowing that you have protection and support in case anything goes wrong.

Unveiling Our Methodology for Testing

Our main goal is to help readers make smart choices while purchasing. To achieve this, our team follows a rigorous testing and evaluation process to find the finest xfinity compatible thermostat from hundreds on the market in the USA industry. Our procedure typically involves the following steps:

  1. Research and selection: Our team of experts conducts comprehensive research, reading customer reviews and examining specifications to identify top contenders. We search for xfinity compatible thermostat that are popular, well-reviewed, and have a good reputation in the market.
  2. Hands-on testing: Once we find the top options, we acquire them and carry out real-world testing in practical environments. Our assessment is structured to be as detailed and unbiased as achievable, factoring in aspects like performance, attributes, ease of use, and durability.
  3. Data collection: During our testing, we obtain data such as the functionality and characteristics. This includes taking thorough measurements, analyzing user feedback, and conducting surveys.
  4. Analysis and evaluation: After we have finished our testing, we assess the data we have collected to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses. We also compare and contrast each xfinity compatible thermostat to its competitors to establish which ones deliver the best bang for the buck.
  5. Final selection: Based on our evaluation and evaluation, we select the top products in each category. We typically aim to discover the 10 best options, although this can change depending on the customer requirements and our research.
  6. Review writing: Once we have chosen the top xfinity compatible thermostat, we write detailed reviews that cover each’s aspect, performance, and value. We aim to provide readers with all the data they need to make an knowledgeable choice.
  7. Ongoing testing and updating: Our testing process doesn’t stop once we have published our reviews. We keep on to test and evaluate xfinity compatible thermostat, and we revise our reviews as required to ensure that our recommendations remain up to date and accurate.

Overall, our testing and evaluation process is crafted to be as in-depth and objective as possible. We aim to provide readers with trustworthy, impartial, data that they can count on when making purchasing decisions.

The Ultimate Wrap Up

With so many xfinity compatible thermostat options out there, it can be hard to know which one to choose. But after extensive testing and research, we’re certain that both Honeywell Home Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat (RTH6580WF), Requires C-Wire, Works with Alexa and Smart thermostat Ecobee3 Lite, black are among the best options available. They both offer excellent precision, dependability and flexibility that make them distinguishable from the crowd. So, don’t hesitate, make your purchase today and benefit from the advantages. Have a enjoyable shopping experience!