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Best Organic Dog Foods to Buy in 2020 [Updated]

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If you’re questioning, what is the Best Organic Dog Foods for Daily Use? You’re at right place. Well finding the good one isn’t an easy task. So we’ve consulted top experts who has in and out knowledge about it. After testing a couple of products, our team listed down top 10 valuable items which performed a lot better than the rest hundreds of options.

Our team spent tons of hours in order to find out the best option available right now in the USA market. An increasingly popular option is a Honest Kitchen Whole Grain, which is unbeatable in case of reliability and performance. However, if you have a low budget or wanna save some bucks, you can check out Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Miracle. In both, you’ll get all those features which you expect in Organic Dog Foods.

To ease your work and save your time, we created a comparison table of Top 10 Best Selling Organic Dog Foods. All the products are sort based on expert’s reviews.

Top 10 Best Organic Dog Foods Reviewed : Top Selling in USA 2020


1st Place

Honest Kitchen Whole Grain
Honest Kitchen Whole Grain

By Honest Kitchen

9. 7

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Best Value

Dr. Harvey's Canine Health Miracle
Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Miracle

By Dr. Harvey’s

9. 5

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Newman's Own Adult
Newman’s Own Adult

By Newman’s Own

9. 1

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Health Extension Little Bites
Health Extension Little Bites

By Health Extension

8. 8

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Primal Nuggets
Primal Nuggets

By Primal Pet Foods

8. 6

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Castor & Pollux Organix
Castor & Pollux Organix

By Castor & Pollux

8. 2

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Natural Planet Chicken and Oats
Natural Planet Chicken and Oats

By Natural Planet

8. 0

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Smack Raw
Smack Raw

By Smack

7 .7

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Tender & True Premium
Tender & True Premium

By Tender & True Pet Nutrition

7. 4

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Lily's Kitchen Proper
Lily’s Kitchen Proper


7. 2

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Top 10 Best rated Organic Dog Foods in USA 2020 : Read Detailed Reviews

For convenience, we have listed down the Top 10 Best Organic Dog Foods of 2020 which we reviewed.

After investing a lot of time, here we list down top Best Organic Dog Foods with their Key Features. All of them are crushing the USA market. Without any further delay, let’s check them out:-

#1 Honest Kitchen Whole Grain – Best & Top rated Organic Dog Foods

Flavor Name:Ranch Raised Beef  |  Size:2 lb (makes 8 lbs) ABOUT WHOLE GRAIN BEEF DOG FOOD RECIPEBefore there was The Honest Kitchen, there was this single recipe that started it all, made by our company founder—Lucy, in her own (honest) kitchen It was the world’s FIRST human grade pet food.

best Honest Kitchen Whole Grain reviews
Key Features
  • Organic whole grain the honest kitchen whole grain beef dog food is dog food made with free range chicken and dehydrated for maximum nutrition for puppies and adult dogs
  • Low calorie low protein and low fat perfect for adult and senior dogs maintaining their doggy figures.
  • Human grade the honest kitchen meets the rigorous fda safety standards to use the label human grade ensuring the highest quality dog food.
  • All natural this dog food is made with no by products preservatives or gmo ingredients just add water for a warm and delicious meal.
  • Made in the usa all ingredients are processed in the usa in a human grade food processing facility with nothing from china.

#2 Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health Miracle Organic Dog Foods 2020

Flavor Name:Chicken  |  Size:125-Pound Bag Newman’s Own Adult Dog Formulas provide complete and balanced nutrition with just the right protein-fat ratios for dogs of all life stages The recipes are made with organic grains and vegetables and, of course, have no wheat, corn or artificial colors or flavors.

cheap Dr. Harvey's Canine Health Miracle 2020
Key Features
  • Holistic blend of 6 organic grains and 9 dehydrated vegetables 100 human grade ingredients.
  • 10 pound bag makes 66 one pound finished meals for your canine companion quantity of meals depend on the weight of your dog
  • Just add meat and oil for a complete meal ready in 8 minutes.
  • Allows for total control of quality and quantity of protein.
  • All natural formula with no dyes chemicals or preservatives.

#3 Newman’s Own Adult

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powerful Newman's Own Adult
Key Features
  • A delcious blend of chicken and organic brown rice containing chicken as the first ingredient
  • Free of added antibiotics and chemical additives
  • No artificial colors or flavor enhancers
  • No wheat or corn
  • Crunchy kibble helps keep teeth clean

#4 Health Extension Little Bites 2020

Size:30 Pound Health Extension Little Bites dry dog food is formulated to meet the specific needs of your teacup, toy and miniature breed dog with a holistic approach Made with antioxidants and organic chicken, this food will benefit both puppies and adult dogs alike It is sure to bring out the big hunger in your small breed dog and it’s hypoallergenic and anti-hypoglycemic.

reliable Health Extension Little Bites
Key Features
  • Little bites dry dog food is formulated to meet the specific needs of teacup toy and miniature breed dog with a holistic approach
  • Made with antioxidants and organic chicken will benefit both puppies and adult dogs alike
  • Features sure to bring out the big hunger in small breed dog and its hypoallergenic and anti hypoglycemic
  • This formula contains the nutria drop system which nutritionally supports the natural healing process during high stress periods

#5 Primal Nuggets Cheap and affordable

Size:14 oz Primal Formulas are produced using only the freshest, 100% human-grade ingredients Our poultry, meat and game are antibiotic and steroid free without added hormones We incorporate certified organic produce, certified organic minerals and unrefined vitamins to fortify our complete and balanced diets.

top selling Primal Nuggets
Key Features
  • Complete and balanced diet for all life stages
  • Turkey raised without antibiotics or added hormones
  • Naturally derived vitamins minerals
  • Grain gluten corn wheat soy free
  • Complete and balanced diet for all life stages
  • Turkey raised without antibiotics or added hormones
  • Naturally derived vitamins and minerals
  • Grain gluten corn wheat and soy free
  • Made in the usa

#6 Castor & Pollux Organix

Size:18 Pound America’s #1 organic dog food brand, Organix, is the only complete line of USDA organically certified dog food All Organix recipes are made with organic, free-range chicken or turkey as the #1 ingredient There are no chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial preservatives, added growth hormones or antibiotics in Organix.

top best Castor & Pollux Organix
Key Features
  • 1 ingredient is organic free range chicken
  • Made with omegas for healthy skin and coat
  • Made with a nutrient packed superfood blend featuring organic flaxseed organic blueberries and organic coconut oil
  • Grain free nutrition
  • No chemical pesticides synthetic fertilizers artificial preservatives added growth hormones or antibiotics
  • Cooked in an organically certified usa kitchen

#7 Natural Planet Chicken and Oats

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buy Natural Planet Chicken and Oats
Key Features
  • Suitable for all life stages 5lb bag
  • Organic chicken is a source of high quality protein and adds flavor to a diet
  • Easily digestible nutrient rich grain organic brown rice provides balanced nutrition for your pet
  • Oregon tilth certified organic otco
  • Flaxseed is a natural omega 3 and 6 fatty acid source that helps maintain a healthy skin and coat and support healthy joints. 100 compostable packaging made in the usa

#8 Smack Raw

Just like you, your canine companion’s health depends on the proper blend of minerals, vitamins, meats, vegetables, essential fatty acids and antioxidants Natural Planet Organics has taken all the guesswork out of feeding your dog, leaving you with the peace of mind that you are making the best healthy choice for your dog.

mini Smack Raw
Key Features
  • A lip smacking grain free gluten free raw food for dogs that can be fed like a kibble or with added water. per cup it contains 7.5 oz usda organic chicken raised without antibiotics drugs or added hormones. 100 gmo free featuring over 60 chicken usda organic
  • All smack five star rated raw dehydrated foods feature a short list of the worlds best organic whole superfood ingredients that are proven highly beneficial for health and are also lip smacking good without any gmos fillers gluten or grain.
  • Over 1 pound of superfoods for dogs contains high amounts of functional ingredients like organic strawberry organic pineapple organic mango and millet seed
  • Our organic dehydrated grain free dog food is know to have the following benefits help muscles recover coat health shine joint strength improve protein digestion blood sugar regulation reduce inflammation reduce gastrointestinal disorders and improve vitamin mineral absorption.
  • We formulate smack according to traditional natural raw food diets with the gained knowledge of functional foods the way nature intended

#9 Tender & True Premium

We start with organic humanely raised chicken as the #1 ingredient Our recipes are made with a precise blend of organic ingredients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals expressly blended for optimal nutrition No corn, wheat or soy is added to our recipes Additionally, no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors are included in our premium pet food.

best Tender & True Premium reviews
Key Features
  • Usda organic certified chicken 4 lb
  • 1 ingredient is cage free organic chicken
  • Grain free recipe
  • No corn wheat or soy
  • A balanced formula for all life stages

#10 Lily’s Kitchen Proper

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best selling Lily's Kitchen Proper
Key Features
  • 26 certified organic chicken
  • Hypoallergenic wheat free recipe
  • No derivatives preservatives or fillers
  • Easy on the tummy
  • Made in the eu

Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Organic Dog Foods

Before buying any product, it is very crucial to understand the requirements and have proper knowledge of features – because without it, you will end up with unsuitable product and waste money as well. The same implies for Organic Dog Foods as well.

Some cheaper Organic Dog Foods won’t be the best option if you would going to use it on daily basis.
Once you understand how you intend to use it, the following factors will help you shortlist the options and pick up the right one.

1. Quality and Durabiity

As Organic Dog Foods are common items will be used on a daily basis, it is vital to make sure they last for a longer period of time. And for that to happen, the Organic Dog Foods should be made up of high quality material. If it is made up of low quality material, then it is important to make sure break proof materials are used in them.

2. Brand Reputation

In today’s market brand is nothing new to talk about as its mandatory to choose a product that has a good market reputation and has built trust among its customers all around. Certain Organic Dog Foods brands provide after-sales services and are promising brands, such brands are always recommended.

However, you will find a few main brands that are dominating the Organic Dog Foods market. These brands not only stand above the others, but have a reputation for creating quality products. We dug into the consumer reviews for models made by each brand to get a clearer idea of what customers think about their products.

3. Value for Money

#’s features are usually common to all models, the reason why price points should really be considered. Choose the best value for your budget after considering your needs.

4. Warranty

A good relationship with the product can be established with its warranty and replacement guarantee. Be sure to look out for those products that have an appropriate warranty and guarantee against them.

How we Tested?

Testing a four-five items is easy, but more than that isn’t. To make the whole process easy and to get decent some # at the end, our team simplify the testing procedure by divided into steps. Here are they:

1. Make a List

We don’t want to waste time on testing those products which aren’t available in United States market. So first of all we list down all the products which are in available in the market.

2. Sort out the Best selling # in USA

Sorting out the listed items on some necessary criteria, make the process more easier. Some factors which we must include in every item is Brand Trust, Value for Money and Reliability. Also, we contact with some retailers to know about product’s good and bad things.

3. Apply Filters

Filters always make it easy for us to find best, isn’t it? So we applied couple of filters like Popularity among customers, Features, Brand Trustness, Price, Durability, and many more. And finally we give the sorted products to our team to start testing.

4. Assign the Task

We have multiple team squad for distinct types of testing, like separate team for testing strength, performance, durability. The Manager assign the the task among then. And finally the results get reviewed by experts and sorted down the best ones.


The above are the product reviews and recommendations about the Best Organic Dog Foods in USA. Therefore, we have listed the 10 top performing ones for your information. Hence, follow the Buyer’s Guide religiously to derive maximum benefit of product recommendations.

In conclusion, while each of these products can easily claim a place in your heart thanks to their dexterity, quality and performance, the Honest Kitchen Whole Grain stands apart from the crowd thanks to its design, performance, looks, quality and price.

Have a Great Day!