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Best Lego Dimensions Sets to Buy in 2020 [Updated]

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If you’re questioning, what is the Best Lego Dimensions Sets for Daily Use? You’re at right place. Well finding the good one isn’t an easy task. So we’ve consulted top experts who has in and out knowledge about it. After testing a couple of products, our team listed down top 10 valuable items which performed a lot better than the rest hundreds of options.

Our team spent tons of hours in order to find out the best option available right now in the USA market. An increasingly popular option is a Starter Pack, which is unbeatable in case of reliability and performance. However, if you have a low budget or wanna save some bucks, you can check out Doctor Who Level. In both, you’ll get all those features which you expect in Lego Dimensions Sets.

To ease your work and save your time, we created a comparison table of Top 10 Best Selling Lego Dimensions Sets. All the products are sort based on expert’s reviews.

Top 10 Best Lego Dimensions Sets Reviewed : Top Selling in USA 2020


1st Place

Starter Pack
Starter Pack

By Bold Games

9. 7

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Best Value

Doctor Who Level
Doctor Who Level

By by Square Enix

9. 5

Check Price
Back to the Future
Back to the Future

By by Square Enix

9. 1

Check Price
Portal 2 Level Pack
Portal 2 Level Pack

By Square Enix

8. 8

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Unikitty Fun
Unikitty Fun

By Warner Bros

8. 6

Check Price
Ghostbusters Story Pack
Ghostbusters Story Pack

By by Warner Bros

8. 2

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Harry Potter Team
Harry Potter Team

By by LEGO

8. 0

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Fantastic Beasts Story
Fantastic Beasts Story

By by Warner Bros

7 .7

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Warner Home Video Bundle
Warner Home Video Bundle

By by Warner Bros

7. 4

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Scooby-Doo! Team Pack
Scooby-Doo! Team Pack


7. 2

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Top 10 Best rated Lego Dimensions Sets in USA 2020 : Read Detailed Reviews

For convenience, we have listed down the Top 10 Best Lego Dimensions Sets of 2020 which we reviewed.

After investing a lot of time, here we list down top Best Lego Dimensions Sets with their Key Features. All of them are crushing the USA market. Without any further delay, let’s check them out:-

#1 Starter Pack – Best & Top rated Lego Dimensions Sets

Color:Original Version When a mysterious and powerful vortex suddenly appears in various LEGO worlds, different characters from DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings and The LEGO Movie are swept away To save their friends, Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle bravely jump into the vortex and quickly find themselves fighting to save all of LEGO humanity.

best Starter Pack reviews
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Lego characters from a mix of some of the best brands in the universe join forces and battle in worlds outside of their own. a dark knight a wizard and a lego master builder traveling together down the yellow brick road is just the beginning.
  • By purchasing additional expansion packs players can grow their collection with a variety of their favorite brands to create even more crazy combinations.
  • Bring up to seven vehicles andor gadgets into the game all at once by dropping them on the lego toy pad for the most exciting and action filled game around.
  • Players can let imagination guide their solo journey or have a friend join the adventure with co operative drop indrop out play.
  • Lego dimensions is a system of play that offers continued compatibility everything bought today or expanded with tomorrow will continue to work.

#2 Doctor Who Level Lego Dimensions Sets 2020

Let creativity be the guide to a building and gaming adventure – journey through unexpected worlds and team-up with unlikely allies on the quest to defeat the evil Lord Vortech Play with different minifigures from different worlds together in one LEGO videogame, and use each other’s vehicles and gadgets in a way never before possible.

cheap Doctor Who Level 2020
Key Features
  • Rebuild k 9 into a k 9 ruff rover and k 9 laser cutter
  • Not machine specific
  • Not machine specific

#3 Back to the Future

Let creativity be the guide to a building and gaming adventure – journey through unexpected worlds and team-up with unlikely allies on the quest to defeat the evil Lord Vortech Play with different from different worlds together in one LEGO videogame, and use each other’s vehicles and gadgets in a way never before possible.

powerful Back to the Future
Key Features
  • Rebuild the hoverboard into a cyclone board and ultimate hoverjet
  • Unlocks the exclusive back to the future a hill valley time travel adventure level
  • Not machine specific
  • Not machine specific

#4 Portal 2 Level Pack 2020

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reliable Portal 2 Level Pack
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Help chell escape the aperture science test labs with this portal 2 level pack featuring a buildable chell minifigure portal gun and 2 rebuildable 3 in 1 models
  • Unlocks the exclusive portal 2 a portal 2 adventure level
  • Rebuild the companion cube into a laser deflector and gold heart emitter
  • Rebuild the sentry turret into a turret striker and flying turret carrier
  • Sentry turret measures over 2 inch 7cm high 1 inch 4cm wide and 1 inch 5cm deep companion cube measures over 1 inch 5cm high 1 inch 5cm wide and 1 inch 3cm deep
  • Not machine specific

#5 Unikitty Fun Cheap and affordable

Color:Original Version Puzzle through LEGO DIMENSIONS Portal 2 with Chell! Armed with only her portal gun and her wits, journey as Chell and battle through the newly rebuilt Portal2 Aperture Science Test Labs filled with puzzles, Thermal Discouragement Beams, Neurotoxins and GLaDOS! Build Chell, attach her to the LEGO Toy Tag and place her on the LEGO Toy Pad to see her spring to life in the game.

top selling Unikitty Fun
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Want the best variety extra fun comes in each pack containing one character and a vehicle or weapon.

#6 Ghostbusters Story Pack

Color:Original Version Journey through a multiverse of rainbows, puppies and much more with Unikitty from The LEGO Movie! Bring a hop, skip and a dance to the crazy mash-up multiverse of LEGO DIMENSIONS with Unikitty Build and place this half unicorn, half animé kitten on the LEGO Toy Pad and watch her spring to life in the game.

top best Ghostbusters Story Pack
Key Features
  • Things just got spookier in lego dimensions with the all new ghostbusters story pack
  • Relive the film and help abby yates and her team of ghostbusters save the world from the mysterious and evil ghost rowen across 6 action packed levels of gameplay.
  • Customize the lego toy pad with the zhus chinese restaurant gateway build and unlock a brand new ghostbusters adventure world and exclusive battle arena.
  • Includes zhus chinese restaurant for the lego toy pad abby yates and ecto 1.
  • Get ready for the biggest add on for the ultimate gamer and master builder. relive the movie across 6 levels build a new themed lego gateway and unlock 4 player battling

#7 Harry Potter Team

Edition:Ghostbusters Story Pack Things just got spookier in LEGO Dimensions with the all-new Ghostbusters Story Pack! Relive the film and help Abby Yates and her team of Ghostbusters save the world from the mysterious and evil ghost, Rowen, across 6 action-packed levels of gameplay Equip Abby with her Proton Blaster to activate her Charge Transfer ability to move electricity between conduits, and use her Intelligence Access ability for puzzle-solving.

buy Harry Potter Team
Key Features
  • Bring the wizarding world to life in lego dimensions with harry potter and lord voldemort.
  • Unlock the harry potter adventure world and bring the fight between good and evil into the battle arena.
  • Use harry to cast magical spells such as wingardium leviosa stupefy and expelliarmus to solve puzzles and fight off death eaters or play as lord voldemort for access to dark magic.
  • When travelling across the adventure world jump onto the hogwarts express or enchanted car.
  • Includes harry potter lord voldemort enchanted car and hogwarts express.

#8 Fantastic Beasts Story

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mini Fantastic Beasts Story
Key Features
  • Take your adventure into the wizarding world with the all new fantastic beasts and where to find them story pack
  • Play the complete movie. includes the macusa gateway build for your lego toy pad newt scamander and niffler.
  • Not machine specific

#9 Warner Home Video Bundle

Edition:Harry Potter Team Pack Bring the Wizarding World to life in LEGO Dimensions with Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort Build and place the iconic duo on the LEGO Toy Pad and launch them into the multiverse Unlock the Harry Potter Adventure World and bring the fight between good and evil into the Battle Arena.

best Warner Home Video Bundle reviews
Key Features
  • Play with characters you never thought you could see in a lego game together using vehicles and weapons you never thought possible.
  • Let creativity be the guide to a building and gaming adventure.
  • Each of the brands in lego dimensions has its own unique adventure world where players can explore go on quests race and collect studs and bricks.

#10 Scooby-Doo! Team Pack

Edition:Fantastic Beasts Story Pack Take your adventure into the wizarding world with the all-new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Story Pack! Play the complete movie and help Newt Scamander find his escaped magical creatures in New York City across 6 action-packed levels of gameplay Use a variety of spells, including Diffindo, Reparo and Lumos, and interact with creatures like the Niffler, Swooping Evil, Bowtruckle and more.

best selling Scooby-Doo! Team Pack
Key Features
  • Help scooby and shaggy uncover the mysteries in lego dimensions

Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Lego Dimensions Sets

It’s not easy to buy something which you never used before. That’s why we tested tons of Lego Dimensions Sets and choose the most performing and reliable ones for you.

If you do not pay enough attention to the details, then you may end up with a less efficient item that can make you crazy even before you start your day and wreck your mood throughout that day. Therefore, we are listing the most important factors that you need to know before you make a purchase.

1. Quality and Durabiity

Since you’re going to operate the Lego Dimensions Sets for a long time, make sure that the overall build quality is good. It should be strong, rust proof and should not be flimsy.

2. Brand Reputation

One last consideration you should take into account when you’re shopping for Lego Dimensions Sets is the reputation of the brand. There are literally a huge numbers of of brands out there for you to choose from.

However, you will find a few main brands that are dominating the Lego Dimensions Sets market. These brands not only stand above the others, but have a reputation for creating quality products. We dug into the consumer reviews for models made by each brand to get a clearer idea of what customers think about their products.

3. Value for Money

Set a limit to how much you want to spend on getting that Lego Dimensions Sets for you. Bear in mind the features you just need and don’t go overboard getting the multi-featured model if you will not be needing it. It will just be a waste of money.

4. Warranty

The warranty duration of a Lego Dimensions Sets is different from manufacturer to manufacturer. Before making a purchase, check out the warranties offered. In this time duration, repairs and replacements are taken care off in case something goes wrong.

Usually, most of them come with 1 to 2-years of warranty. Some of them even more as high as a 3 or 6-years warranty period. However, the higher duration is provided, the more benefits you get.

How we Tested?

Testing a four-five items is easy, but more than that isn’t. To make the whole process easy and to get decent some # at the end, our team simplify the testing procedure by divided into steps. Here are they:

1. Make a List

We don’t want to waste time on testing those products which aren’t available in United States market. So first of all we list down all the products which are in available in the market.

2. Sort out the Best selling # in USA

A tons of models are available in USA. To further break them down, we select those which are top selling and crushing the market right now. For that we do some online research and also forward the list to some trusted store’s owners. It take a couple of days to get complete.

3. Apply Filters

Filters always make it easy for us to find best, isn’t it? So we applied couple of filters like Popularity among customers, Features, Brand Trustness, Price, Durability, and many more. And finally we give the sorted products to our team to start testing.

4. Assign the Task

We have multiple team squad for distinct types of testing, like separate team for testing strength, performance, durability. The Manager assign the the task among then. And finally the results get reviewed by experts and sorted down the best ones.


The above are the product reviews and recommendations about the Best Lego Dimensions Sets in USA. Therefore, we have listed the 10 top performing ones for your information. Hence, follow the Buyer’s Guide religiously to derive maximum benefit of product recommendations.

After analyzing the data, without any doubt we can say Starter Pack and is the decent option for you right now. Althrough, Doctor Who Level is also fabulous choice if you want a little cheaper one. Do check them out both.

Have a Great Day!