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Best Floating Chlorine Dispensers to Buy in 2020 [Updated]

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If you’re questioning, what is the Best Floating Chlorine Dispensers for Daily Use? You’re at right place. Well finding the good one isn’t an easy task. So we’ve consulted top experts who has in and out knowledge about it. After testing a couple of products, our team listed down top 10 valuable items which performed a lot better than the rest hundreds of options.

Our team spent tons of hours in order to find out the best option available right now in the USA market. An increasingly popular option is a Game Derby Duck, which is unbeatable in case of reliability and performance. However, if you have a low budget or wanna save some bucks, you can check out Poolmaster Chlori-Critter. In both, you’ll get all those features which you expect in Floating Chlorine Dispensers.

To ease your work and save your time, we created a comparison table of Top 10 Best Selling Floating Chlorine Dispensers. All the products are sort based on expert’s reviews.

Top 10 Best Floating Chlorine Dispensers Reviewed : Top Selling in USA 2020


1st Place

Game Derby Duck
Game Derby Duck


9. 7

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Best Value

Poolmaster Chlori-Critter
Poolmaster Chlori-Critter

By Poolmaster

9. 5

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Sunken Treasure SUN-TR-LB1
Sunken Treasure SUN-TR-LB1

By Sunken Treasure

9. 1

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Stanley PoolTec 32855
Stanley PoolTec 32855

By Poolmaster

8. 8

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Aquatix Pro
Aquatix Pro

By Aquatix Pro

8. 6

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PoolSupplyTown Atie 90446
PoolSupplyTown Atie 90446


8. 2

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WWD Premium Turtle
WWD Premium Turtle


8. 0

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Life MDI802
Life MDI802

By life

7 .7

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Jed Pool Tools Shark Fin
Jed Pool Tools Shark Fin

By JED Pool Tools

7. 4

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Ease Sanitizing System Combo
Ease Sanitizing System Combo

By Frog

7. 2

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Top 10 Best rated Floating Chlorine Dispensers in USA 2020 : Read Detailed Reviews

For convenience, we have listed down the Top 10 Best Floating Chlorine Dispensers of 2020 which we reviewed.

After investing a lot of time, here we list down top Best Floating Chlorine Dispensers with their Key Features. All of them are crushing the USA market. Without any further delay, let’s check them out:-

#1 Game Derby Duck – Best & Top rated Floating Chlorine Dispensers

Style:Duck Keeping your swimming pool properly chlorinated is made easier and more stylish thanks to this adorable and durable solar-powered LED light-up swimming pool chlorinator The GAME Solar Light-Up Derby Duck Pool Chlorinator is a durable, solar-powered chlorine dispenser that provides a consistent supply of chlorine into the swimming pool water.

best Game Derby Duck reviews
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Energy efficient way to chlorinate your pool the game solar light up derby duck pool chlorinator is an energy efficient way to keep your inground or above ground pool properly chlorinated.
  • Solar powered this chlorine dispenser for hot tubs and pools is solar powered. the solar panels charge the led lights during the day then automatically activate at dusk for up to 8 hours of brilliant light with a full charge.
  • Adjustable chemical dispensing rate to ensure your chlorine swimming pool receives the right amount of chlorine weve designed this pool chlorinator to have an adjustable chemical dispensing rate determined by the size of the pool.
  • Tips over when empty the game solar powered chlorinator holds up to six 3 inch chlorine tabs not included. the solar duck floater tilts or tips over once all of the chlorine tablets have dissolved and it needs to be refilled.
  • Perfect for multiple chlorine pools our chlorine basket can be purchased as our derby duck or a cute tiki globe pineapple or volcano. its perfect for above ground and inground chlorine pools of multiple sizes.

#2 Poolmaster Chlori-Critter Floating Chlorine Dispensers 2020

Style:Alligator Product Description Poolmaster’s Premier Collection features high-quality materials with outstanding performance in mind for season-after-season use designed to keep your swimming pool sparkling For continual dispensing of chlorine, why not choose a colorful Clori-Critter character to do the work for you.

cheap Poolmaster Chlori-Critter 2020
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • For dispensing chlorine tablets
  • Adjustable dispensing ring
  • Made of non corrosive material
  • Adjustable dispensing ring

#3 Sunken Treasure SUN-TR-LB1

Color:Light Blue Tired of replacing cheap floating dispensers? Spending too much money on chlorine? Check out the Sunken Treasure! How Does It Work? The Sunken Treasure houses a chlorine tablet and takes it deep under water There it sanitizes the water thoroughly and efficiently, killing bacteria which settles at the bottom of the pool.

powerful Sunken Treasure SUN-TR-LB1
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Use less chlorine uses half the chlorine of a floating dispenser. chlorine is always deep under water dissolving slowly. this quickly pays for itself in reduced chlorine consumption.
  • Floats when empty it floats to the surface when it needs refilling. no more wondering if you are out of chlorine. and your dog will leave it alone since it is underwater
  • No more toxic fumes the sunken treasure takes the chlorine tab deep under water evenly distributing the chlorine into the water from the bottom up. so there is no wasting the chlorine into the air which happens with floating dispensers. and since the chlorine is deep underwater there is no concentration of chlorine and venting of toxic vapors at the surface where you breathe.
  • Durable the dispenser stays deep underwater so its not getting scorched by the sun. no more replacing the cheap floating dispensers every season. award winning patented design.
  • Not for vinyl lined pools or for dark plaster pools as the chlorine may cause premature bleaching.

#4 Stanley PoolTec 32855 2020

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reliable Stanley PoolTec 32855
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • For dispensing chlorine tablets
  • Features twist lock cap
  • Adjustable dispensing ring
  • Balanced buoyancy
  • Holds up to 3 inch tablets

#5 Aquatix Pro Cheap and affordable

Color:Yellow  |  Size:Large Product Description For continual dispensing of chlorine, the Stanley Chlorine Dispenser is made of non-corrosive materials The adjusting chlorination ring can be set to give you just the right amount of chlorine needed to keep your pool water balanced perfectly.

top selling Aquatix Pro
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Hassle free aquatix pro chlorine tablet dispenser floats around diffusing chemical tablets effortlessly
  • Safe secure locking cap keeps the chemical tablets safely inside providing a safer and more enjoyable pool experience.
  • Premium quality heavy duty chlorine tablet floater built to last and serve you for many years to come.
  • Quick easy floating chemical dispenser for pools holds up to 3 bromine tablets has a lockable cap and adjustable ring for complete control.
  • Our guarantee if you are not happy for any reason simply contact us for a complete refund no questions asked. full 1 year guarantee on all our products.

#6 PoolSupplyTown Atie 90446

This 2-in-1 Pool Chemical Dispenser Floater w/ Built-in Thermometer is great for holding chemical tablets and for reading the temperature in your pool.

top best PoolSupplyTown Atie 90446
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Built in 5 long pool thermometer w f and c temperatures.
  • Holds 1 or 3 chemical tablets. 7 h and 7 w
  • Hold up to 5 pcs 3 chlorine tablets
  • Color blue white
  • Adjustable to regulate the amount of chlorine

#7 WWD Premium Turtle

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buy WWD Premium Turtle
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 10 diameter x 9 tall normal size tablets not included
  • Great for holding 1 or 3 chorinebromine tablets with adjustable flow vent
  • Up to 4 pcs of 3 inch chemical tablets at once
  • Clear body design easier to find out when to refill

#8 Life MDI802

Color:Turtle Floating chlorine dispenser Heavy-duty design holds 1-Inch Or 3 Inch Tablet Chemical With Adjustable Flow Vent.

mini Life MDI802
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Adjustable chamber controls the feed rate
  • This dispenser uses 1 bromine or chlorine tablets.

#9 Jed Pool Tools Shark Fin

For use with spas/hot tubs and small pools Features easy access for bromine tab refill without the need to readjust the feeder or fully unwind the stem Has fully adjustable flow and erosion control and comes with float and tie string.

best Jed Pool Tools Shark Fin reviews
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Shark fin top
  • Screw on canister bottom
  • Canister has adjustable chlorine flow by punchable tabs
  • Holds 1 and 3 tablets.

#10 Ease Sanitizing System Combo


best selling Ease Sanitizing System Combo
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • For any hot tub up to 600 gallons
  • Kills bacteria 2 ways with minerals and smartchlor
  • Self regulating for continuous crystal clear water
  • Pre filled cartridges for no mess no guess no stress
  • Includes 1 frog ease floating sanitizing system and 1 frog ease smartchlor cartridge 3pk

Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Floating Chlorine Dispensers

Figuring out the type of Floating Chlorine Dispensers to buy and what features to look for is pretty straightforward if you have an idea of what you want in your daily uses. Whether or not you know the type you want to buy, here are a few things you should consider before buying any model.

If you do not pay enough attention to the details, then you may end up with a less efficient item that can make you crazy even before you start your day and wreck your mood throughout that day. Therefore, we are listing the most critical factors that you need to analyze before you make a purchase.

1. Quality and Durabiity

As Floating Chlorine Dispensers are common items will be used on a daily basis, it is vital to make sure they last for a longer period of time. And for that to happen, the Floating Chlorine Dispensers should be made up of high quality material. If it is made up of low quality material, then it is important to make sure break proof materials are used in them.

2. Brand Reputation

One of the most important thing to look in a Floating Chlorine Dispensers is brand. Before investing any more, it is better to choose a brand that determines best product quality and service levels.

However, you will find a few main brands that are dominating the Floating Chlorine Dispensers market. These brands not only stand above the others, but have a reputation for creating quality products. We dug into the consumer reviews for models made by each brand to get a clearer idea of what customers think about their products.

3. Value for Money

Of course, we want to make sure that you’re getting the Best Floating Chlorine Dispensers in you budget. We eliminated more than 13 brands where we thought the quality of the Floating Chlorine Dispensers didn’t live up to the expensive price point.

4. Warranty

The warranty duration of a Floating Chlorine Dispensers is different from manufacturer to manufacturer. Before making a purchase, check out the warranties offered. In this time duration, repairs and replacements are taken care off in case something goes wrong.

Usually, most of them come with 1 to 2-years of warranty. Some of them even more as high as a 3 or 6-years warranty period. However, the higher duration is provided, the more benefits you get.

How we Tested?

It’s easy to test and review six-seven products alone, but to test more we need a team. We have team of experts and professionals who conduct tests and review each unit. Here are some steps which we follows:

1. Make a List

We don’t want to waste time on testing those products which aren’t available in United States market. So first of all we list down all the products which are in available in the market.

2. Sort out the Best selling # in USA

A tons of models are available in USA. To further break them down, we select those which are top selling and crushing the market right now. For that we do some online research and also forward the list to some trusted store’s owners. It take a couple of days to get complete.

3. Apply Filters

Filters always make it easy for us to find best, isn’t it? So we applied couple of filters like Popularity among customers, Features, Brand Trustness, Price, Durability, and many more. And finally we give the sorted products to our team to start testing.

4. Assign the Task

So here we reach at our final step from where the real testing starts. We have distinct team for each type of testing, like separate squad for performance, strength, reliability testing. Our manager assign the task among them and sort out some decent options from the results.


I am confident one of these will meet your needs.

Now, we have to come to the ending part of the buyer’s guide. As you have already read about the Best Floating Chlorine Dispensers, it is now time for you to embark on your shopping jaunt.

In conclusion, while each of these products can easily claim a place in your heart thanks to their dexterity, quality and performance, the Game Derby Duck stands apart from the crowd thanks to its design, performance, looks, quality and price.

Have a Great Day!