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Best Bulb Changers to Buy in 2020 [Updated]

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If you’re questioning, what is the Best Bulb Changers for Daily Use? You’re at right place. Well finding the good one isn’t an easy task. So we’ve consulted top experts who has in and out knowledge about it. After testing a couple of products, our team listed down top 10 valuable items which performed a lot better than the rest hundreds of options.

Our team spent tons of hours in order to find out the best option available right now in the USA market. An increasingly popular option is a Stauber 45704, which is unbeatable in case of reliability and performance. However, if you have a low budget or wanna save some bucks, you can check out Ettore 48450 Kit. In both, you’ll get all those features which you expect in Bulb Changers.

To ease your work and save your time, we created a comparison table of Top 10 Best Selling Bulb Changers. All the products are sort based on expert’s reviews.

Top 10 Best Bulb Changers Reviewed : Top Selling in USA 2020


1st Place

Stauber 45704
Stauber 45704


9. 7

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Best Value

Ettore 48450 Kit
Ettore 48450 Kit

By Ettore

9. 5

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Bayco LBC-600C Deluxe Kit
Bayco LBC-600C Deluxe Kit

By Bayco

9. 1

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Unger FS00 Flood Sucker
Unger FS00 Flood Sucker

By Unger

8. 8

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Wagic Giraffe
Wagic Giraffe

By Wagic

8. 6

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Bayco LBC-100
Bayco LBC-100

By Bayco

8. 2

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Alden Ease-Out
Alden Ease-Out

By Ease-out

8. 0

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Faraday Partners HighLight
Faraday Partners HighLight

By Highlight

7 .7

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Mr. LongArm 4003
Mr. LongArm 4003

By Mr. Longarm

7. 4

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Eversprout Twist-On
Eversprout Twist-On


7. 2

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Top 10 Best rated Bulb Changers in USA 2020 : Read Detailed Reviews

For convenience, we have listed down the Top 10 Best Bulb Changers of 2020 which we reviewed.

After investing a lot of time, here we list down top Best Bulb Changers with their Key Features. All of them are crushing the USA market. Without any further delay, let’s check them out:-

#1 Stauber 45704 – Best & Top rated Bulb Changers

Color:Green, Without Pole  |  Size:Large Suction The STAUBER Best Bulb Changer is a heavy duty, top of the line bulb changer with unparalleled reliability and durability First light bulb changer designed for LED bulbs! If used correctly with the included bulb cleaning device, it will NEVER drop a light bulb.

best Stauber 45704 reviews
Key Features
  • Specifically designed for heavier led bulbs with an extra sticky super strong patented suction cup. not intended for non smooth surfaced bulbs.
  • A powerful thumb screw with embedded steel nut prevents stripping and locks pole securely.
  • A free bulb cleaning device is included for cleaning dusty old bulbs. pre assembled wire loops prevent hassle and improve reliability.
  • A press fit steel pin prevents suction cup rotation patented support prevents bulb wobbling.
  • Pole not included our light weight quick lock extension pole is sold separately.

#2 Ettore 48450 Kit Bulb Changers 2020

Color:Blue Ettore’s bulb changer kit changes almost any type of bulbs, such as recessed and track lighting, standard incandescent, floodlights, fluorescent bulbs, floodlight and more! Comes with an extension pole for high reach.

cheap Ettore 48450 Kit 2020
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 5 piece kit that changes almost any broken bulb flood standard incandescent fcl
  • Can access recessed and track lighting includes broken bulb changer
  • Standard threaded end allows product to attach to a rea c h extension pole
  • Includes 11 feet rea c h extension pole

#3 Bayco LBC-600C Deluxe Kit

Product Description Bayco prides itself on making the nighstick line of security, safety, and protection lighting for decades Whether on Tactical Applications, using at home, or outdoors, bayco fills the gap for all crevices large and small From the Manufacturer Light bulb changer kit, in a store display containing 6 units.

powerful Bayco LBC-600C Deluxe Kit
Key Features
  • Durability and safety tested for the toughest situations
  • Designed in the usa with quality materials
  • Used in tactical outdoor recreation levels
  • Kit includes recessed bulb changer standard bulb changer incandescent or screw in fluorescent and floodlight changer
  • Attaches to safe n easy or any standard thread pole not included

#4 Unger FS00 Flood Sucker 2020

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reliable Unger FS00 Flood Sucker
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Flood light bulb changer makes it easy to change recessed reflector flood bulbs 1 and 2 piece par floods and large wattage bulbs
  • Features 6 suction cups for a tight grip to safely remove and replace flat bevelled and round bulbs
  • Bulb changer attaches to any telescopic pole with removable cone for extended reach without the need for a ladder or stool

#5 Wagic Giraffe Cheap and affordable

Style:Flood Light Bulb Changer Change recessed floodlights and light bulbs 300 watts and larger quickly and easily This patented tool features six suction cups and replaces flat, beveled and round bulbs Attaches easily to all unger poles Use with unger extension pole (sold separately).

top selling Wagic Giraffe
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Sure grip vacuum technology creates a gentle suction to hold most smooth light bulbs two suction cups are included for different size bulbs
  • Motorized pivoting head allows for easy access to hard to reach light bulbs
  • Grip release install and remove light bulbs using the remote control
  • Storage rack and 6ft extension pole included not compatible with giraffe reach system poles
  • Discontinued by manufacturer contact seller for supportwarranty issues

#6 Bayco LBC-100

Product Description Product DescriptionThe Giraffe Light Bulb Changing System with Sure-Grip Vacuum Technology makes changing out-of-reach light bulbs quick and easy Sure-Grip Vacuum Technology creates a gentle suction through the suction head to hold most light bulbs Two suction heads are included to fit varying size bulbs.

top best Bayco LBC-100
Key Features
  • Durability and safety tested for the toughest situations
  • Designed in the usa with quality materials
  • Used in tactical outdoor recreation levels
  • Fits standard incandescentcompact fluorescent bulbs fits industry standard threaded poles
  • Makes changing bulbs easy as 1 2 3
  • For changing standard incandescent bulbs
  • For changing standard incandescent bulbs

#7 Alden Ease-Out

Size:1 Fits standard incandescent/compact fluorescent bulbs It has soft nylon grippers and a spring finger design ensuring a secure fit around the bulb Fits the industry standard thread pattern found on our 16 and 11 3-section aluminum poles as well as 11 3-section steel pole Color: Yellow Safe and easy fit Fits standard incandescent/compact fluorescent bulbs Soft nylon grippers and a spring finger design ensuring a secure fit around the bulb Fits industry standard threaded poles Clamshell.

buy Alden Ease-Out
Key Features
  • Fast safe easy removal of broken light bulbs
  • Avoids electric shock cut fingers and mangled light fixtures
  • Removal method eliminates further damage to the filament
  • Saves time frustration and risk

#8 Faraday Partners HighLight

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mini Faraday Partners HighLight
Key Features
  • Hard to reach chandelier bulbs the highlight 6 foot telescopic light bulb changer pole is made specifically for safe and easy replacement of those hard to reach bulbs on your chandelier. works best with e11 e12 and e14 straight or bent top candelabra bulbs.
  • Light bulb grabber included is a silicone housing bulb grabber that will fit candelabra bulbs up to 2.5 inches in diameter. the sticky silicone rubber grip will securely grab onto the bulb without dropping making it a perfect solution for downward and even upward facing bulbs.
  • Stay off the ladder the 6 foot telescoping pole safely and securely replaces those hard to reach bulbs without ever having to step on a ladder again make your life easier and let your family breathe a sigh of relief knowing you wont be standing on a 10 foot ladder.
  • Remove bulbs in seconds highlight bulb changer features a twist grip handle on the bottom of the extension pole to easily screw on or screw off the light bulb. the innovative and patented design allows you to keep both hands on the bulb changer for more control stability and safety.
  • Great for open bulb chandeliers the highlight bulb changer works best with exposed bulb chandeliers that are not obstructed by a frame or glass covering. this allows the turning mechanism of our lightbulb changer to easily access your bulb without breaking.

#9 Mr. LongArm 4003

Extract Broken Light Bulbs Safely with Ease-out Ease-out tools are constructed with an insulator material, safety shield and simple mechanical design to safely and easily remove broken standard base bulbs.

best Mr. LongArm 4003 reviews
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Can be used for incandescent compact fluorescent
  • For use with mr. longarm non conductive composite extension poles
  • Gripper style flexible fingers
  • Grasp bulbs for easy changing

#10 Eversprout Twist-On

HighLight 6 Foot Telescoping Light Bulb Changing Pole for High Ceilings Never again will you have to put yourself in harms way just to change a light bulb that is out of reach Forget the ladders, standing on a chair, or even hiring someone to do it HighLight has got you covered! A simple yet highly effective solution for a tall, out-of-reach problem.

best selling Eversprout Twist-On
Key Features
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Bulb changer w twist on attachment changes almost any standard style lightbulb small floodlight standard incandescent fcl fluorescent and more will not work for recessed lighting that does not have space around it for prong grippers. bulb changers easily and securely attach to the eversprout extension pole and other standard thread poles. eversprout extension pole sold separately.
  • Best for 2 3 diameter bulbs not recessed lighting changes almost any standard style light bulb similar in sizeshape to a 19 works best for light bulbs 1.5 3 diameter a series a15 a23 r series r14 r20 g series g12 g19 and more
  • Bendable padded prong bulb gripper designed to safely and securely fit around light bulbs without breaking or scratching. simply bend the padded grippers to fit your standard sized bulb
  • Takes some practice we recommend changing smaller lower hanging bulbs first to get the hang of the product. dont get discouraged after a few tries youll be changing bulbs like a pro
  • 100 risk free satisfaction guarantee buy with confidence more details below.

Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Bulb Changers

Either you know about it or not, – “which Bulb Changers is best for you” – is the common question. Well, the answer depends on your needs. As it is not a small investment, we first request you to analyze your expectations level, budget and requirements.

Below, we have gathered all the necessary information required to analyze Bulb Changers as per your requirements.

1. Quality and Durabiity

As Bulb Changers are common items will be used on a daily basis, it is vital to make sure they last for a longer period of time. And for that to happen, the Bulb Changers should be made up of high quality material. If it is made up of low quality material, then it is important to make sure break proof materials are used in them.

2. Brand Reputation

As with any product, one of the big indicators of how likely you are to be happy with a product long term is brand reputation. Trusted brands that use high-quality materials and commit to solid construction will manufactures Bulb Changers that are likely to perform better and last longer.

However, you will find a few main brands that are dominating the Bulb Changers market. These brands not only stand above the others, but have a reputation for creating quality products. We dug into the consumer reviews for models made by each brand to get a clearer idea of what customers think about their products.

3. Value for Money

#’s features are usually common to all models, the reason why price points should really be considered. Choose the best value for your budget after considering your needs.

4. Warranty

Always know the coverage indicated in the warranty. This is always indicated in the user manual. The longer the warranty period the better.

That’s all the tips you need to keep in mind while going through your Bulb Changers selection.

We know you did enjoy this review as much as we did doing it. Always go for the model that perfectly fits your needs and wants after considering all the things we said above. Have a happy shopping experience, guys!

How we Tested?

It’s easy to test and review six-seven products alone, but to test more we need a team. We have team of experts and professionals who conduct tests and review each unit. Here are some steps which we follows:

1. Make a List

Initially, one of our team member creates a list of all the items available for shipping in the United States. It also includes the products which are available in local stores and malls. So, we only choose those which are available for you.

2. Sort out the Best selling # in USA

Sorting out the listed items on some necessary criteria, make the process more easier. Some factors which we must include in every item is Brand Trust, Value for Money and Reliability. Also, we contact with some retailers to know about product’s good and bad things.

3. Apply Filters

Filters always make it easy for us to find best, isn’t it? So we applied couple of filters like Popularity among customers, Features, Brand Trustness, Price, Durability, and many more. And finally we give the sorted products to our team to start testing.

4. Assign the Task

We have multiple team squad for distinct types of testing, like separate team for testing strength, performance, durability. The Manager assign the the task among then. And finally the results get reviewed by experts and sorted down the best ones.


If you are new to buying a Bulb Changers, you can surely make a mistake as there are several options available in the market. That is why we have provided guide to you. Read it carefully to make a wise choice and save your money from going waste.

After testing Bulb Changers in a variety of real-world settings and comparing them side-by-side in controlled tests, it’s clear that the Stauber 45704 is the beat. Good performance on every surface was definitely a winning trait, and creature comforts.

Have a Great Day!